Corporate Social Responsibility

Macready Oil & Gas endeavours to build value through developing sustainable long-term relationships between partners and the community.

The company is committed to high standards in protection of the environment. We respect the local communities, their environment, their values and customs. We identify with them in the areas that could improve their quality of life such as provision of educational materials to schools, also enhancement of healthcare through donation of equipment to hospitals.

We strive to make a difference through sponsorship of Fitness Programmes, skill acquisition and economic empowerment in and around the host community where we operate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Statement

To be a growth-oriented industry leader respected in the world for quality, good service and competence.

To provide technology-driven and customer focused value adding services for the oil and gas industry.
Procurement & Supplies
We always act in our client’s best interests and committed to ethical procurement practices and maximizing value...

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